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I make white and colored tembleques with durable materials of the best quality. If you are interested in a set of tembleques or have a special request, you can contact me by filling in the form below with your information and we will be answering you in a period of 24 to 72 hours.

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White Tembleques with Swarovski crystals
Color Tembleques with Swarovski crystals

What Materials Do We Use?

Our tembleques are made with durable, resistant, and high-quality materials. We use ABS and Acrylic plastic beads for the main base, depending on the design we also use tear drops, rice beads of the same type, both colored and white.

Each head has crystal accents (industrial glass) such as bi-cones, round beads, tear drops and rice beads, which are harmoniously combined and placed considering the balance and weight of the piece. As a special detail we put in all the terminations of the pistils daisy crystals of the Swarovski brand.

A material in which we pay a lot of attention apart from the beads and crystals is the wire in which the tembleques are woven and assembled. We have been using an electrical grade wire manufactured by an American (made in USA) company for more than 5 years, this wire is light, resistant and stainless and its quality is extraordinary!

We also use 100% cotton Egyptian green thread, manufactured in Spain by the Dolores Morillas Company to line all the stems and ends of the different pieces during their assembly, taking special care to maintain continuity by applying the necessary pressure for a clean and knot-free finish.

How long does it take to make them?

As you should know, the tembleques are designed and made by hand by me (Orisleyla Delgado). The approximate time to have them ready for shipment depending on the volume of orders is 4 to 6 calendar weeks. I take that time because each head is made from scratch, I do not recycle or use pre-made accessories.

Although we try to have a stock of materials available to make the tembleques, we may have to wait some time while materials arrive, either because we need to replace or in case a client requests a type or model that we do not have in stock.

What does a Tembleques head include?

Our complete head of Panamanian Tembleques is made up of a total of 22 pieces that we detail below:

  • 2 Large bows covers. (Tapamoños)
  • 2 Small bows cover. (Tapamoños)
  • 2 Ears Cover. (Tapaoreja)
  • 4 Fill or individual flowers. (Rellenos)
  • 5 pairs of Jasmine.
  • 1 pair of Peacocks or Pencas.
  • Comb to divide the hair.
  • Garters to fix the bows.
  • Hooks to place the tembleques.
  • Guide on how to put them on and take care of the tembleques.
  • Certificate of Authenticity (PanamaFolkDress by Orisleyla Delgado)

Why should I buy my Tembleques from you?

I do not like talking about myself or complimenting myself because it’s not part of my personality, but I consider myself a trustworthy, humble, sincere and above all God-fearing person!!

You can find out more about me in the “About” section of this website.

Thank you

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