“I love Folklore and I’m Passionate about Crafts. That’s why I do what I do.”

I do not like talking about myself or complimenting myself because it’s not part of my personality, but I consider myself a trustworthy, humble, sincere and above all God-fearing person!!

About me

I have more than 30 years of being involved in the world of Panamanian folklore, I have directed children’s and youth groups, participated as a contestant modeling Polleras, and making Tembleques.

Before moving to Spain in 2018, my husband and I ran a Photography Studio with La Pollera where we dressed more than 2,500 people in a period of approximately 10 years. 

Panama Handmade - art and crafts

The comments of our customers, the emotion they transmit to us when they see their Tembleques is what inspires and motivates me to keep going, since we are not only making a “sale” but giving a wonderful moment, added to an unforgettable experience .

I have made Tembleques heads for clients in Panama, Spain and the United States of America which show their appreciation and gratitude for our service.  You also get the joy of knowing that you have purchased a product that you can pass onto future generations.

I also have a Youtube channel with lots of tutorials of how to make tembleques and interviews that we have made to artisans from Panama to showcase thier work and story in becoming a handmade artist.