Purchase Conditions


  • At the top of the web you have the link to the store.
  • Once you have found the desired product, select it, and add it to the cart.
  • With the products in the cart, select “Finish Purchase” and complete the steps.
  • You will find a form to enter the data for the shipment and the available payment methods: Bank transfer, Paypal or credit card. 
  • In case of making the payment by bank transfer, you will see a final summary with bank details and instructions to make the deposit, in case you need them again, request them at orisleyla@orisleyladelgado.com
  • If you select the option ” Paypal / Credit card” you will be redirected to the corresponding platform. There you will pay through your Paypal account or by card. Once the payment is completed, you will receive an email confirming your order.


  • Paypal / Credit card: If you have a Paypal account , when selecting this method you will be redirected to the Paypal platform where you will simply have to enter your email and password. If you do not have a Paypal account , you would have to select (already within the payment gateway) the option “Payment by credit card”. Once the payment is made, you will receive a confirmation email which confirms that your order has been placed successfully. 
  • Bank Transfer: If you choose this form of payment, you can make a deposit to our account at any ING Banco branch; At https://www.ing.es/oficinas-cajeros/buscador-oficinas you will find the branch closest to your location. For greater convenience you can also make a transfer from your bank. At the end of the purchase process on the web, you will see a summary where you will find all the necessary data to make the payment. This information will also be sent to you by means of an e-mail confirming the order you have just placed. 


  • NATIONAL: We use for shipments in Spain the most recognized transport companies in the market such as SEUR, Correos and TNT. The products are shipped in a period no longer than 72 hours upon receipt of payment except for those that need modification or custom. Transit time may vary from company to company, but it is usually between 3 and 10 days depending on your location. This period may be affected on important dates in which Correos sees its activity increased. Also if your order contains a large number of articles, since it will take more time to prepare. If you need it for a specific date, do not hesitate to let me know. Through this method, the shipment is delivered to your door.     
  • EUROPE AND REST OF THE WORLD: We use parcel services that operate in Europe and the rest of the world, such as Correos Express, UPS and Zeleris . Delivery times are specified at ” check-out ” but are usually between 5 and 15 days . This period may be affected on important dates in which carriers see their activity increased. Also if your order contains a large number of articles, since it will take more time to prepare. If you need it for a specific date, do not hesitate to let me know. Through this method, the shipment is delivered to your door.   


  • PACKAGING : The articles will always be in a suitable packaging for their protection against possible blows or lack of care. Padded envelopes or boxes with bubble wrap or shavings will be used for this.
  • CUSTOMS NOTICE : We will not be responsible for any customs charges. The customer must be the one who bears this expense in case customs decides to retain their package. Likewise, the COMPANY will manage the procedures as far as possible, being the CLIENT who processes what is necessary for customs.
  • DELIVERY DELAYS : Sometimes and for reasons beyond the control of the company, an order may be delayed in delivery. We undertake to file the proper claim with the transport company whenever it is appropriate to do so. Review the SHIPPING section to be clear about the times before placing your order and if you have questions, contact us. In no case will we be responsible for the fact that the order does not arrive on the DAY that THE CUSTOMER WANTS, if this period is within the one communicated by the transport company and they do not consider it a delay; and therefore cannot be claimed.


  • We do not accept returns of CUSTOMIZED orders, given their naturalness.
  • If the order has been damaged in transport, after sending us a photo of the problem. We will offer a solution to the customer:
    • Replacement of the item after returning the damaged / broken item.
    • Refund of the purchase amount after returning the damaged / broken item.
    • If the customer wishes, we can offer him a solution that he can do himself to “fix” his product. This will be exceptional cases and will be consistent with what we talk about with the client and the type of problem they have with their product. Depending on the problem, we will offer a code or discount voucher for the customer.
    • PLEASE, if you have had a problem with your order as soon as you see it, send a photo or video so that we can manage the claim with the carrier.
  • No case of the previous point can be applied if several days have passed since the receipt of the order.
  • If the customer has any other problem with his order, contact us to find a solution and, if necessary, manage a return.
  • If the client wishes to request the return of an item (Non-personalized), they must contact us within a maximum of 10 calendar days. Once the cause of the request has been explained, the client will proceed to return the product and once received and verified the status of this , the amount will be returned. Note that:
    • The status of the product must be the same as when it was sent to the customer.
    • The Customer will be responsible for the return shipping costs.
    • The way to return the payment will be agreed with the client.